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Workshop on Satellite Image Processing for Ship Detection and Tracking

Published on: 13-Feb-2015

​Date:​16 Feb 2015
​Time:​3:00pm - 4:30pm
​Location:Fusion@MAE Seminar Room (N​3.1-B3c-06)
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Large vessels and passenger ships are mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to carry Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipment to transmit course and speed as well as identification and position information to other vessels and shore stations. However, the system is limited in range to about 70 Km from shore due to the shape of the earth. Satellites may provide a solution to relay identity and position of ships to ground stations for onward relay to others.

In this workshop, we have three prominent persons who have been involved with the commercial as well as academic side of satellite search and detection to share the current trends and issue on this topic.

3:00​​Anand AsundiDirector, COLE@MAE.NTU​Introduction
3:15​Victor TeoCTO, ML Sensors​Ship tracking – status and issues
3:45​​Tino BretschneiderHead, Airbus Group Innovations​​Ship detection from Space
4:30​Prof. Lei YanDirector, Remote Sensing, Peking UniversityVisual Search for Hi-resolution Satellite Imagery​

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