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NDT of Composite Materials

Published on: 29-Jan-2015

​Date:​4 Feb 2015
​Time:​1:30pm - 5:30pm
​Location:Fusion@MAE Seminar Room (N​3.1-B3c-06)
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Half day workshop on Non destructive techniques for composite material investigation. Composite materials are seeing a resurgence in applications, specifically in the Aerospace industry and along with this NDT techniques for testing and inspection of composites have to be more reliable, accurate and robust. Conventional techniques like Ultrasonics have to be tweaked to handle these new materials while newer techniques such as Thermography and Shearography have to withstand the rigours of the industrial usage. In addition Fiber Optics Sensors for continuous health monitoring is also making a comeback but will not be discussed in this workshop.

To explain the nuances, advances and subtleties of the various NDT techniques for composite damage detection, three eminent practitioners will present their experiences and knowledge. Prof. Yang from Oakland University was previously senior engineer at Dantec - Ettemeyer who are in the forefront of Shearographic instrumentation. Dr. Stephen Wong has tremendous experience both as an educator and with industrial applications of various NDT techniques and Prof. Fan will showcase some newer advances in Ultrasonics and their applications.

​Time​Speaker​Topic​Abstract and Bio
1:30​​Prof. Anand Asundi​Introduction About COLE​
1:45​​Prof. Yang LianxiangShearography​ Shearography​
3:00​​Tea break
3:30​Dr. B. Stephen Wong​​Thermography Thermography
​4:15​Prof. David FanUltrasonic Guided Waves​ ​Ultrasonics

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