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Title Speaker Date Time Venue
Code V and Light Tools​ ​31 May 2016 10.00 am​ Fusion@MAE Seminar Room
(Block N3.1-B3c-06)
Advanced Remote Sensing and Peking University Lab. Culture Prof. Lei YAN​ 23 Feb 2015​​ ​2.30pm MAE Meeting Room D (Block N3.2-02-59)​
JPEG 2000 based Compression of Fringe Patterns for Digital Holographic Microscopy Prof. Dr. Ir. Peter Schelkens​ 19 Sep 2014​ 11:00 am MAE RRC 1 Meeting Room (Block N3-01-01)​
Phase Retrieval Techniques for Optical Metrology
Giancarlo Pedrini 12 April 2013 10:00 am
Fusion@MAE Seminar Room
(Block N3.1-B3c-06)
Advanced Active Diffractive Optical Elements   Sergiy Valyukh 17 Dec 2012 10:00 am MAE Meeting Room D (Block N3.2-02-59)
3D holographic display     Yu Yingjie 10 Dec 2012 10:00 am LT5
Micro-lens enabled applications in optical sensing, imaging and 3D display
Larry X.-C. Yuan 8 Feb 2012
MAE Meeting Room D
(Block N3.2-02-59)
Single-Shot Phase Measurement For Micro & Nano Regimes Based On Carrier Frequency Concept Daesuk Kim 9 Dec 2011
MAE Meeting Room A
(Block N3-02a-32)
Synthetic Aperture Digital Holography
Jianlin Zhao 30 Nov 2011
Fusion@MAE Seminar Room
(Block N3.1-B3c-06)