Title​ ​​ Inventor
Schemes for use of Transport of Intensity Imaging for Dynamic Applications Dr A. Asundi
Compact Physically-compensated Quantitative Phase Microscope Dr A. Asundi
Fiber Optic Microbial Sensor Dr A. Asundi
Lensless Microscope for MEMS Imaging and Characterization Dr A. Asundi
Compact True 3D Profilometer Dr A. Asundi
​Moire Interferometric Strain Sensor (MISS) Dr A. Asundi
Plane Polariscope Inspection for Trapped Particles and Gasses at Bonded Interface of Silicon Wafer Dr A. Asundi
Optical Crossconnect Using Micromachined Draw-Bridge 3D Mirror Apparatus Dr V.M. Murukeshan
Apparatus and Method for Imaging of Latent Fingerprints Dr. Seah Leong Keey and Dr V. M. Murukeshan
A Diaphragm-Based Pressure Sensor Packaged Using Liquid Crystal Polymer and Silicone oil for Underwater Applications Dr Jianmin Miao
Light Field Imaging Spectrometer Dr Jianmin Miao
Aspect Ratio Dependent Electroplating Process for the Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Copper Interconnects through-wafer Copper Electroplating Dr Jianmin Miao
DC Voltage Controlling Variable Frequency RF/Microwave and Millimeter Resonator Dr Jianmin Miao
Bio-Inspired Nanofibril Encapsulated Hydrogel Cupulae For Ultra Sensitive MEMS Flow Sensor Development Dr Jianmin Miao
Method for Patterning and Micromaching of Piezoelectric/Ferroelectric Films Dr Jianmin Miao
A Liquid Crystal Polymer Membrane MEMS Sensor for Flow Rate and Flow Direction Sensing, Medical and Environmental Applications Dr Jianmin Miao
A Method And Apparatus For Electronic Display By Using In-Plane Dielectrophoresis Dr Jianmin Miao
A Plasmonic Nanostructure-based superlens and its application for online inspection of defects Dr Wei Zhou
Multipoint Laser Vibrometer with Single Detector  Dr Fu Yu
​Fast Neutron Detector Dr Rajdeep S. Rawat