Research Projects

S/N Project Title PI Funding Agent Amount
1 Centre for Optical and Laser
Engineering (COLE)
Prof. A. Asundi EDB $4,15,000
2 3D Profiling of Specular and
Diffuse Objects
Prof. A. Asundi Industry JM Vistec $92,000
3 Knowledge-based Inspection of Defects in Fiber Reinforced
Prof. A. Asundi MINDEF $80,000
4 Lens Testing and Inspection Prof. A. Asundi Industry – Marvellous  Tech $12,000
5 4D Microscopy Camera for
Prof. A. Asundi NRF-POC $235,000
6 Nearfield optics controlled optics structures – A fundamental investigation with potential applications A/P Murukeshan AcRF- Tier 1 $100,000.00
7 Next Generation Large Area Dimensional Measurement A/P Murukeshan (NRF)- Rolls Royce S$1,505,787
8 Surface Finish Measurement of Difficult to Access Areas and Internal Channels A/P Murukeshan (NRF)- Rolls Royce S$2,698,963
9 Bessel beam imaging of iridocorneal angle with fluorescent overlay  for angle closure glaucoma A/P Murukeshan ASTAR
(BMRC –SERC Joint)
10 Investigations into Digital Analysis of Hyperspectral Data A/P Murukeshan Industry PhotoniTech S$30,000
11 Feasibility study on image fiber integration into a hyper-spectral imaging unit with a sophisticated mechanical and conceptual design A/P Murukeshan Industry PhotoniTech S$40,000
12 High resolution trabecular meshwork imaging – Refinement phase A/P Murukeshan NTU-SERI RCA S$70,500
13 Light Field Imaging Spectrometer (LFIS) for Atmosphere Pollution Monitoring by Satellite A/P Miao Jianmin OST S$992,000
14 MEMS for Smartphone Camera's Autofocus Ast/P Lau Gih Keong Industry Sunny Instruments $96.000
15 Ultra-precision Metrology using Femtosecond Laser Frequency Combs NAP Kim Young-Jin NRF $2,863,300
16 Deconstructing the roles of spatial complexity in cancer cell migration Ast/P Yoon Yong Jin AcRF – Tier 1 $96,600
17 3D Holographic Lithography for Manufacturing Soft Polymeric Microstructures Ast/P Yoon Yong Jin AcRf- Tier 1 $250,000
18 Optical sensors for high sensitivity motion detection Ast/P Yoon Yong Jin DRTech $ 250,000